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Maintenance Man Unlimited

Commitment to our Clients

It’s easy: when we make our clients happy, we’re happy. This simple principle is the cornerstone of our business. We guarantee that we will take the necessary steps to not only satisfy our contractual obligations, but to produce a product that surpasses expectation and customer desire. 


Commitment to Our Employees

We recognize that our company only runs successfully through the hard work of our employees. Knowing that a diverse work force brings innovation, creativity, and unique perspectives to a constantly changing industry, we ensure that our hiring policies are welcoming, fair, and encouraging to people of all walks of life. We want to enable our employees to succeed and we do this by preparing them through excellent training programs, by creating safe work environments and by having our crews led by encouraging and positive management.

Our successful history in the Pacific Northwest is a simple testament to a long line of diverse people working hard for our clients. We are committed to taking every possible step to assure that we continue operating in that tradition and that we deliver a satisfying product through the labor of satisfied workers.


Commitment to Our Environment

At Maintenance Man Unlimited, we want our work to have a huge impact on our clients and a minimal impact on our environment. Ultimately, we want to be thoughtful and practical stewards of our environment and lead the industry in clean and environmentally ethical business practices. We strive to do this by reusing our materials, by working with environmentally gentle products and by meeting the needs of our clients through other “green” practices. We believe that because of our commitment to these clean environmental initiatives we can serve our clients and our planet, we can produce a clean and superior product and we can ensure our continual market viability. 

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